In the habit of Design

31 January 2011

Chilean architect Harald Opitz shared with us this impressive hotel located in the deep chilean south.

Arrebol Patagonia Hotel by Harald Opitz
30 January 2011

Australian studio Edwards Moore have renovated and extended an apartment in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The Cubby House by Edwards Moore
29 January 2011

American design studio Kassen Lifestyle have introduced the Stalb Lamps, that have been designed by their principal designer, Eric Fescenmeyer.

Stalb Lamps by Eric Fescenmeyer
28 January 2011

London designer Mathias Hahn created the Scantling lamps. 

Scantling lamps by Mathias Hahn for Marset
27 January 2011

Tribe Studio Architects designed this temporary restaurant for last year’s Eat Green Design festival in Sydney, Australia.

Eat Green Design festival
26 January 2011

Italian designer Andrea Francesconi created the William Light.

William Light by Andrea Francesconi
25 January 2011

MOST Architecture have completed the interior design of an office for an advertising agency in Amsterdam, that uses shipping pallets to create a variety of structures and furnishings.

The BrandBase Pallet Project by MOST architects
24 January 2011

London designer Mathias Hahn of Okay Studio has designed Ε8.

E8 table by Mathias Hahn
23 January 2011

Coco Flip design studio handcrafted the Coco Pendant

Coco Pendant
22 January 2011

HHF Architects designed "Label 2" in Berlin

Fashion Center by HHF Architects